Ogden is a spooktacularly ghostly town. If you want to transform someone into a lifelong (or afterlife-long) visitor or resident, just take them to 25th street in Fall. It’s what sealed my fate as a forever Ogdenite— the quaintly decorated storefronts, dotted with thoughtfully placed witches, scarecrows and ghosts greeting you along your stroll through all the old historic and infamously haunted spaces— all while the towering Ben Lomond peak smiles down on you, like a ray of sunshine between the cloudy, darkening skies, ablaze in every chromatic color of autumn. Beware the “friendly” scarecrow who innocently awaits to scare the shriek out of you!

In this guide, we are pleased to open the Devil’s gate to the most unforgettable season of spooks & ghouls ever, through 25th Street and beyond! 


These fall favorite traditions are totally worth veering off the beaten path! Carve out a day for hayrides, corn frights and pumpkin picking at these local spooky spots:

This one is just a hop, skip and a jump. Little ones will love the wagon ride, cow train and huge slide! And nobody is too old for a haunted corn maze or picking their own pumpkin from a field of over five acres of pumpkins of all shapes, colors and sizes for only .30/lb! Other adorable activities include Corky’s Corn Pit, Straw Mountain, Pumpkin bowling and rubber duck races. 
Gibson’s Green Acres Dairy Pumpkin Patch & Corn Maze, 449 South 4700 West, Ogden, $3-$5, 801-940-6339,

Want to skip the crowds? Take a scenic drive and grab a locally grown pumpkin at this quiet little self-serve, self-pay patch that’s been growing exquisite pumpkins for you all summer long! Just 27 minutes (14 miles) up North Ogden Canyon in Liberty. Open daily. Search @everyonelovespumpkins on Facebook for more info.
Bailey’s Ogden Valley Pumpkin Patch, ½ mile south of Liberty Park in Liberty, Utah off Hwy 162, 801-668-3694

Wander over to West Haven to the home of the HAUNTED Corn Maize and Zombie Apocalypse tactical laser tag! Scaredy cats can opt for a monster-free corn maze. This family farm hosts quite the party every year with a  barrel train, hay slides, zip line, and pumpkin patches, too! There’s more: light show, campfires, pumpkin theater, and a bounce house. Also, we can’t fail to mention there’s ALL the carnival-style food, like hot dogs, churro waffles, apple nachos, and Witch’s Brew!
The Corn Maize, 2801 South 3500 West, West Haven, $10-$18, 801-645-5392,

The scariest thrill in the Ogden area, this is a horrifying wander through 13 acres of menacing forest. Spine-tingling sounds rustle from behind giant old oak trees and every step counts as you creep your way through the woods of terror.
Haunted Hollow, 1550 South 1900 West, West Haven, $21+, 801-888-0281,

REAL HAUNTS: Explore the Creepiest Places on 25th Street 
With Ogden Paranormal


“They’re always around us no matter what time of the year it is,” says Dezmond Perkins one of the Ogden Paranormal investigators. He explains that it’s not that spirits, or ghosts, are more active this time of year, more people are just a little more open to it. Perkins has believed in ghosts almost his entire life. His family was open about the paranormal, often sharing ghost stories, and at 10 years old he had a personal experience of his own when a deceased relative paid him a visit. But after over 12 years of ghost hunting, Perkins assures it’s not what most people think. “We’ve yet to come across anything demonic or evil after all these years, and we just open people’s minds to the possibility that ghosts are real and nothing to fear.”  After six or seven investigations in downtown Ogden, we asked Perkins for the most haunted spots on Historic 25th Street.


Ogden Paranormal—Tony Posselli, Dezmond Perkins, Jasim Shah, Cayden Allen, Eric Camp—was started by a group of teenaged buddies who bonded over their belief in ghosts and spent many nights at the cemetery in high school. They have 12 years experience in gathering evidence in the paranormal using night vision cameras, EVP recorders, and electrical disturbance detectors. Watch their nine episodes of actual live investigations, perfect to binge on this time of year. If you think you have a haunted home or building, contact Ogden Paranormal to check it out!

Follow Ogden Paranormal on Instagram and FB, and watch their live investigations on You Tube:

According to Ogden Paranormal, these are the most haunted spots on 25th Street: 

1) The Bigelow Hotel (formerly, the Ben Lomond Hotel)
This historic 1920’s era hotel, and Ogden’s tallest building, houses the most regular visitors from the other side, according to local lore. Some long-deceased guests seem to have never left the building: the bride in room 1102 who drowned in the bathtub, Mrs. Eccles who lived bedridden on the 11th floor for over 10 years, and the disappearing cats on the 11th floor (yes, ghost cats). Rumor has it you can still smell Mrs. Eccles’s lavender perfume inside the elevators that have a mind of their own, opening their doors and moving down at random.*

2) Union Station 
The most activity in this twice-burned down historic space seems to be in the main auditorium and toward the ballroom on the top floor. Step inside and take a gander for yourself! Ogden Paranormal has been there to investigate multiple times and caught shadows, voices and other noises. There is good evidence of activity there.

3) Endless Indulgence 
The retro wear shop with one of the best storefront windows on the Street is buzzing with more than just well-dressed mannequins. It was nvestigated by Ogden Paranormal where they found poltergeist activity: Halloween decorations moving and bags falling on their own for no apparent reason. See the episode on the Ogden Paranormal youtube channel. 

4) Grounds For Coffee 
Arguably the most haunted spot on the Street. Ogden Paranormal led a two-night Investigation where unexpected footsteps were among some of the creepy things picked up. Early morning is prime time for paranormal experiences.

5) Making Scents Emporium
This unique fragrance shop is on probably the most haunted corner of 25th Street where you can make customized scents while also sniffing around for a spooky encounter. Larry, the owner, is often a willing ghost tour guide if you ask him.  

6) Outdoor Recreational Outlet (Washington Boulevard)
This super creepy basement was investigated by the Ogden Paranormal team, and Dezmond had the most chilling personal experience of his ghost-chasing career down there by himself.  Watch the episode on the Ogden Paranormal youtube channel.

7) The Tunnels 
These notoriously forbidden tunnels underneath 25th Street where nobody goes— nobody living that is— are rumored to be THE most haunted places in Ogden, and quite possibly all of Utah, where Ogden Paranormal hasn’t even gained access. The entrances have been bricked up and cemented over, but there’s a rumor in town that the tunnels are still accessible underneath The Bigelow Hotel.

*details provided by Indie Ogden

Save The Date! Family-Friendly Festivities in Town

Friday, October 4
First Friday Art Stroll 
6-9 p.m.
All Ages 
Historic 25th Street

Saturday, October 5
Creepy Doll Class
7-9 p.m.
The Local Artisan Collective 

Saturdays October 5-19
The Fall Market 
by Farmers Market Ogden
9-2 p.m.
All Ages
Ogden Amphitheater 

Friday, October 11 
Ghost Stories & S’mores
7 p.m.
All Ages
The Queen Bee

Saturday, October 26 
Nurture the Creative Mind Spooktacular 
4-7 p.m.
Elementary school-aged kids
Union Station 

Saturday, October 26
Witchstock Festival 
By Ogden Downtown Alliance and Historic 25th Street 
4-10 p.m. 
Free. (Witches Tea Fundraiser $25)
All Ages
Ogden Amphitheater 

Friday, November 1 
Dia De Los Muertos 
By Nurture the Creative Mind 
6-9 p.m. 
Union Station 

Ogden Ghost Tours
By Story Tours

Ogdenties, you know you’ve been wanting to go on one of these ghost tours for years. Do it! You live in one of the most haunted U.S. cities —get to know all the residents of your town. The Story Tours story-guides have all experienced “too close and personal” encounters while guiding the Ogden ghost tours. “We don’t make up fake stories to scare you,” their website proclaims. “You can handle the truth.” Are you ready? Choose from three different tours: -Historic 25th Street Wicked West Ghost Walk

-Historic 25th Street Eerie East Ghost Walk

-Ogden Ghost Tour by Bus

For details and tickets visit the Story Tours - Ghost Tours FB page or

Deann Armes, Indie Ogden Magazine